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Most of Alyssa's time is spent performing nowadays, but they still consider writing to be their one true love. Just... a right-person-wrong-time kind of vibe.

Though they began with plans to write novels exclusively, they currently write short and novel-length stories, plays, librettos, poetry, and the occasional bout of lyrics.

Thank you for taking the time to view their current projects :)

Full portfolio available upon request.

The Dwellers

A 2015 debut novel, The Dwellers follows a young telekinetic after the disappearance of his best friend's mother opens up a new world of questions about the source of his abilities and his ancestry. 


a study in grief counseling

A Study in Grief Counseling follows Dr. Sasha Sampson, a psychologist struggling to cope with the death of a teenage client, and her newest client, Enoch, a man born in 1706, who cannot die. The play was scheduled to be produced in May of 2020 at the Producers Club, but was cancelled due to COVID. 

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northern downpour

A Pace University Honors Thesis currently in development, Northern Downpour is an original jukebox musical which expolores religious trauma and queer youth homelessness through the music of Panic! At the Disco.

Coming Soon ;)
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